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Why The Words You Use Matter

It’s not simply an issue of semantics, it’s a matter of energy - and everything is energy. Everything that exists, from nature and buildings, to thoughts, feelings, words, and actions are energy. Scientifically, everything in existence is made up of atoms which are tiny bundles of energy. Atoms are living entities which are in constant motion, continuously evolving and vibrating at various frequencies. For example, the atoms that make up a car vibrate at a different level than the atoms that make an eagle. Moreover, the atoms which comprise thoughts, feelings, sound, light, and other immaterial things vibrate at an even higher frequency. Because everything is energy, it exists in relationship with all things and life. In other words, everything is connected at varying levels and frequencies, including words and thoughts.

Words matter because each word, along with its accompanying sound creates a frequency of energy, for the giver and for the receiver. Every thought you think and word you utter creates a specific vibrational energetic imprint which is absorbed within your own energy field in addition to extending out beyond your personal space. Noted researcher and scientist, Dr Bruce Lipton, emphasizes, “That is why, when I took the first step toward changing my life, I actively monitored where I was expending my brain’s energy. I had to examine the consequences of energy I invested in my thoughts as closely as I examined the expenditures of energy I used to power my physical body.”

For example, if you are unsatisfied with something you will perpetuate your dissatisfaction by thinking or talking about the problem. Like a magnet, this will keep you linked to those circumstances by adding the energy of thoughts and words to it. To change the circumstances and feeling dissatisfied, begin to imagine, think, and talk about what you would prefer instead. This focus on something new or different opens a doorway, giving energy to that which you desire instead of what you don’t want or no longer supports you. This includes the words you use toward yourself and the rest of the world. "We must align our words, voice inflection and tone, eye expression, body language, and actions with our inner awareness in an honest exchange," states Dr. Hyder Zahed.

Words and thoughts quickly become the energy which either uplifts and propels you forward in a new direction or depletes and keeps you tethered to the past and/or those undesirable circumstances. Your words and thoughts become the energy that fuels your life - mind, body, emotions, relationships, experiences.

Build upon the words and thoughts that are the catalysts of your dreams and desires, the choice is always yours.

With Grace, Kimble

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