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Are you tired of swirling around the same old problems?
You have within you the ability to solve problems, achieve your goals and live the life you dream.
I created The Monarch Method to give you the lifelong strategies for revealing your power and transforming your future.

Kimble works with women seeking expert confidential, conscious and private guidance and support. Her strategies embody both science and spirituality, utilizing progressive approaches and elevated perspectives to generate change and growth. Kimble gives you the philosophies and strategies to:


  • Identify blocks and limiting subconscious beliefs and create new ones in order to transform all aspects of your life;

  • Reclaim your emotional well being thereby re-establishing overall health;

  • Strengthen your mental and intuitive abilities;


  • Achieve your personal dreams and professional goals;

  • Restore balance and harmony.

The Monarch Method has proven successful time and time again. And, it starts to happen quickly by instantly identifying blocks. The process is fun and noninvasive. No rummaging through old, unwanted memories or digging up past behaviors, feelings and thoughts.

The science behind The Monarch Method is simple. It helps you Clarify the core beliefs that are now outdated. It outlines how to Create new core beliefs related to YOUR specific goals. It guides you in Transforming those aspects of your life you want to change or expand.

With The Monarch Method you will transform your future!

Read what they're saying!

Pathways To Success!

Healing hearts...Changing lives


In this individualized program you will work one-to-one with Kimble specifically addressing and resolving your concerns, taking you from struggle to success. you will begin to notice changes right away and will receive the personalized strategies to achieve your desires on your terms.

Online Course 

In this virtual group course, you will identify and remove what's blocking you so you can move forward with your life, solving problems and living your dreams. In just 8 weeks, you will begin to make the changes you've been working on for years. Plus, you've have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded women on their journey of transformation.


VIP Program

Jump-start your transformation with an overnight stay at a luxury resort and 1 full day with Kimble. A Value Intensive Program for a Very Important Person - YOU! In this day-long intensive you will complete steps 1 and 2 of The Monarch Method, includes automatic enrollment in the One-to-One program.

Discovery & Renewal

Immersion Retreat

These 3-day mini-retreats are life changing on many levels. Within a small group, you will be immersed in a weekend of discovery and tranquility that will transform you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Be prepared to have your world rocked!

Monarch Mastermind

In this year-long live and virtual program, for those who have completed 1 or more of the above programs, you will:

  • Dive into and release whatever is blocking you at this moment;

  • Make lifelong connections - personal and professional;

  • Take your personal success to the next level - EVOLUTIONARY LEADERSHIP!

The mastermind program includes 2 live gatherings annually at a luxury resort, monthly video calls, weekly phone/email support and membership in an exclusive group of Monarchs.

"Before The Monarch Method™, life was like living inside a pin-ball machine: everything seemed random and reactive, there was lots of bouncing around in the hopes of eventually finding your way to some unknown destination.

I no longer want or choose to play old fashioned pin-ball. I’d really rather skip all the crashing, bouncing around and noise (e.g. drama) and focus instead on a smooth journey of my own design. Monarch Method™ gives you the tools to choose your own game and paradigm and set course on a smooth, deliberate (proactive) and more pleasure-filled life.

Life without The Monarch Method™ is like trying to piece together someone else’s puzzle without even having the picture. Monarch Method™ allows you to create your OWN picture AND gives you the tools and strategies to create it from the inside out. You can be the artist and author of your own life."

"The Monarch Method

is a game changer."

Amalia Punzo, MD

Warning Monarchs

When you work with The Monarch Method, it is likely you will experience heightened clarity, creativity, passion, health, success, abundance, balance, harmony, joy, and a newfound love for yourself and life. Proceed with wild abandon, a free spirit, and an open heart. Chances are you will become the YOU you cannot live without.

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