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Interpreting your results...

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THE PURPOSE: the Core Instincts Quiz and the Leadership Core Instincts Quiz help you identify the area(s) specific to YOU that you rely on most and least to navigate your life, personally or as a leader. This quiz also identifies the area(s) that will benefit from your focus and attention. You are unique, so your results will be ranked specifically for you and are not measured against any standard or group.


The category(s) that resulted in a higher percent or longer bar on your graph, indicates areas and capacities that you have given attention and energy. These are areas where you feel comfortable navigating your life.

A high category score is an indicator you have developed those areas either intentionally or unintentionally.


The category(s) that resulted in a lower percent or shorter bar on your graph, indicates areas and capacities that you do not rely on heavily. These are areas where you feel less comfortable navigating your life.

A low category score is an indicator you have not developed those areas, either intentionally or unintentionally.

The 5 Assessment Areas

The Doer


This area refers to your experience of the material world including your physical body and the world around you. 

The Thinker



This area involves your thought processes, brain activity and mental stimulation.

The Feeler



This area includes your emotions, feelings, and your 'gut' reactions. 

The Connector


download (2).jpg

This area encompasses your relationships with everything - self, others, nature and the Universe.

The Believer



This area addresses to the metaphysical realm - energy, spirit, universe and other nonphysical concepts.

REMEMBER, your instincts are an extension of your beliefs. Your core beliefs are a guiding force in your life – they develop and transform with you, they support you in living your most extraordinary life.

At your core, you are whole and radiant.  As a whole being, each of the areas - physical, mental, emotional, relational, spiritual - are interconnected and continually influencing an affecting the others. So, when you focus on one area, you ultimately influence all areas - creating harmony and balance throughout your whole self, while reaching your goals and living your dreams. A higher or lower percentage is not good or bad - it's simply an indicator of how you are functioning today. These ranked categories will play a role in identifying the outdated core beliefs that are contributing to what is keeping your from achieving your goals.

The Monarch Method™ is about honoring you as an individual: your history, your choices, your perspectives and your goals. It's not about changing you - it’s about  empowering who you already are.

The Monarch Method™ will guide you in identifying and shifting your outdated core beliefs, providing you with the strategies for transformation and goal achievement

You already are who you’ve been searching for. You have the answers within and the capacity to continue to transform in all aspects of your life!

Over the next few days, you'll receive personalized emails from Kimble regarding your specific results!

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