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assessment area: relational

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This area of the Core Instincts Quiz

encompasses your relationships with everything - self, others, nature, the world, etc.

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We cannot thrive as human beings without relating to others, to nature, to the unseen, to the world around us and to ourselves. Relating is an integral, holistic aspect of your being, and therefore, as much a physical experience as it is metaphysical. Relating is not just something you do; it is a prerequisite of being human.

Relating, and understanding the broad scope of relating, is how we discover ourselves, as well as others and the world around us. Relating embraces and extends beyond the human to the animal, the flora and fauna and on to the spiritual. Relationship is not only about the people who interact with each other, it is a vehicle as well to the absolute factors that shape human life fundamentally.

Years ago, I came across a poem in a novel I was reading that struck me as profoundly relevant to what seems to be missing in our culture: love, acceptance and interconnectedness. The poem reads as follows:


"If you could cross the ice floes and keep heading North and pass through a wall of circling winds, you would get to a place where people love one another and know neither enmity nor spite. Those people have only one leg each, and nobody can move independently, but they love each other and walk around embracing and loving. The more they love, the tighter they embrace and the better they can walk and even run, faster than the wind. But when they stop loving, they immediately stop embracing and they die. When they love they can achieve miracles."

Relating not only provides a vehicle for connecting outward to Source, but is a mechanism as well for the expression of your internal spirit or soul. The embodied spiritual experience of human beings is not carried out in a vacuum—it is an accumulation of a lifetime of experiences in the context of a world filled with life within and beyond one’s own existence.

When you no longer rely on your relationships with others to reflect or mirror your needs and desires, when you are able to fulfill those needs from within, when you bring a whole self-loving, self-honoring individual to the table, you will find that all of your relationships, and indeed everything in your life, will become more balanced, whole and gratifying. It is within your relationships with your Self, others and beyond that you cultivate and extend love and Oneness.

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