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assessment area: spiritual


This area of the Core Instincts Quiz

addresses the metaphysical realm - energy, soul, spirit, universe and other nonphysical concepts.

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Below is an excerpt from my first book, ONE...Embracing Life & Illuminating Your Spirit! (2010), which speaks to the essence of this assessment area....


Your connection to Source, your soul’s link to collective Spirit, the energetic thread unites everything – making us One. Born into this life with Divine purpose. and as an aspect of the same One collective cosmos, you are unique and remarkable. The inherent duality of your existence on this earth – as a human and spiritual being – brings about challenge as well as purpose. Your higher Self, your spiritual beingness is about the expression of your soul through creativity, joy, wonder, service, compassion, nonjudgment and love. Your human self is about the expression of humanity through survival, growth, pain, grief, trauma, angst, anguish, confusion, betrayal, prejudice, inhumanity and

Life is about keeping the light on so that the darkness does not prevail. Life is about balance, going inside, having faith, and serving – first your Self, then the world. Life is about your ability to embrace your struggles and sift from them the nuggets of wisdom, higher purpose and meaning. Life is about knowing One.

All too often, we do not even “see” what is right in front of us, whether it is clues, messages, or signs of an aspect of life that is greater than we realize.  The human mind, in its physical limitedness, is unable to wholly interpret, translate or even comprehend the nature of Source. The human brain is, as an aspect of physicality, simply incapable of sufficiently and completely grasping this universal, metaphysical concept.

Source is experienced, at best, as an aspect of cosmic memory, a universal collective knowing, a limited intuitive understanding of the vastness of the universe. Consciousness, therefore, is not an aspect of physical development or ability, but rather one’s capacity to move beyond the physical into the space of awareness as energy.


Inner knowing and intuition are integral aspects of your spiritual intelligence and essence. Nurturing and expanding these capacities will serve to support you on your journey toward your dreams and goals.

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