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Dr. kimble Greene's New Book!

Are you ready to

step into extraordinary?


Get your copy signed & personalized*

by Dr. Kimble Greene!

*limited time only

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Have you ever thought, “There’s got to be more!” …more fulfillment, success, purpose, fortune, health, harmony, love and so on. We all think it, yet most of us believe we will never have what we really want.

Dr. Kimble Greene believes you can live the life you dream and knows how to get you there. Known as the ‘soul-whisperer’, Kimble reconnects you to your soul’s purpose, creating extraordinary transformation, propelling you from surviving to thriving.

“Dr. Greene’s book will challenge you to your core.  It poses questions and practices that will provide you with a blueprint for change and growth.  Her story of her rise above her own challenges creates a connection between her, the book, and the reader. This is a book for those interested in growth.  Each message is a gift to be savored and practiced.”

Mo Fathelbab, Global Leader

 Author of The Friendship Advantage – 7 Keys to building relationships that transform culture and drive productivity

“Kimble’s personal story is very much ‘the hero’s journey’.

Her message just flows naturally from her and she truly shows the depth of her knowledge

on managing emotional and spiritual struggles.”


Jim Lewis, Bestselling Author, Business & Author Coach,

Founder & CEO Create Your Authority

What you'll get from this book...

Wisdom on over 40 topics such as: Power, Relationships, Authenticity, Settling, Intuition and Freedom

The scope of your unlimited potential

Practices for integrating each topic

A pathway for connecting to your inner sources

A vision of your true power and knowledge

Strategies for going from surviving to thriving

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Get your copy signed & personalized*

by Dr. Kimble Greene!

*limited time only

Purchase on Amazon

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