The Monarch Method for Personal Transformation

Personal 1:1 Program

How it works
What you need

How It Works

Purpose: The Monarch Method™ for Personal Transformation is a 3-step process for identifying and shifting the blocks that create barriers to achieving and sustaining well-being and success. During this course you will:

  • Identify the things that are blocking you

  • Create new strategies and beliefs that support your goals moving forward

  • Move past the old behaviors and thoughts that are keeping you stuck

  • Implement the shifts you desire for lasting change 

Design: In this personalized setting you will work directly with Kimble via video sessions, modules and readings. The course is designed to integrate self-guided learning through reading and writing as well as guided discoveries, exploration, and conversation with Kimble.


Prepare for a journey of fun, discovery, solutions, and transformation!

Create your own schedule, work from the private place you choose, and transform on your terms.

Format: Kimble has created a systematic sequence of modules and practices that will give you a clear path to learning, self-discovery, shifting and transformation. You’ll receive videos and materials to support your learning and practices, including:

  • The Monarch Method™ 3-book set: (You Are Not Broken!, Oracle Card Deck, Personal Journal) 

  • The Monarch Method™ introductory booklet

  • The Core Instincts Quiz

  • Bi-weekly private 60-minute video sessions with Dr. Kimble Greene

  • Unlimited email support for the duration of the 9-month program

  • Complimentary admission in the Membership level package

  • Eligibility for the exclusive Monarch Mastermind Leadership group


What You Need for the Program

Technology: For this program you will need a desk or laptop computer with access to the internet. This program does not view correctly on a phone or other mobile device.

Materials: The Monarch Method 3-book set as well as the Introductory Booklet are included with the course. 

Space: Please create private time and space for reading, writing, processing, and your video sessions with Kimble.

Time: Each aspect of the structured program and readings involves varying amounts of time each week - typically 1-2 hours. Beyond that, the time you put in to yourself and your growth is up to you.

Commitment: As with most things, the time and energy you devote are relative to your results and outcome. The steps and practices I include in The Monarch Method are essential to deep, lasting change and goal achievement. The excitement of learning and understanding a new concept is the spiritual half of your journey. Creating cognitive, psychological, and energetic change is the second half of your journey. Both are essential to sustainable growth - for going from surviving to thriving!