Let's Do This Together!

How Can I Support You?

What I know is... you are important, you make a difference by simply being you, and the world needs your super powers. You are more powerful than you realize and it's my mission to be your catalyst for healing, change, growth, transformation, evolutionary leadership and success!
Contrary to what we've learned, change doesn't have to take months or years. It can happen in days or weeks and on your terms.
Now is your time and you are your most important investment. So, let's get started! Here are just some goals we'll accomplish together:
  • Identify blocks, reveal outdated subconscious beliefs and create new beliefs to transform the aspects of your life you choose;

  • Reclaim your psyche's well being thereby re-establishing overall health;

  • Reconnect to your real power;

  • Strengthen your emotional, mental and intuitive abilities;


  • Pave the way to your personal dreams and professional goals;

  • Restore balance and harmony.

Individual Pathways

In these uniquely individualized programs you'll work one-to-one with Kimble, specifically addressing and resolving your concerns, taking you from struggle to success. You will receive the personalized strategies to achieve your goals and desires and you'll begin to notice changes right away.

One-to-One Catalyst

Are you ready to soar into transformation and begin living your dreams? In this 1:1 program  we'll work together, getting to the core of what's blocking you and creating shifts to re-align you with your real power, goals and success.

VIP Fast Track

Jump-start your transformation with an overnight stay at a luxury spa hotel in Portland, Maine and 1 full day with Kimble. A Value Intensive Program for a Very Important Person - YOU!

Connective Pathways for Deep Transformation

We are social beings by nature. That's why belonging, acceptance and relationships are an essential part of our lives and well-being. In these private settings, groups of like-minded individuals share struggles, goals and

success offering the acceptance, support and vital connections we so desire.

Soulful Immersions

These 3-day mini-retreats are life changing on many levels. Within a small private group of individuals, you'll be immersed in a weekend of discovery and tranquility. You will be transformed mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Be prepared to have your world rocked and make lifelong connections!

Following this  amazing weekend, you'll join your group of 6 people in the virtual program, traveling the monarchs path together, providing support and connection along the way. This 12 week online program takes you from surviving to thriving with Kimble's personal guidance and leadership. The Monarch Method is a game-changer!

Monarch Mastermind

In this year-long live and virtual program, for those who have completed 1 or more of the above programs, you will:

  • Dive into and release whatever is blocking you at this moment;

  • Become a lifelong Monarch Mastermind member, making lasting connections - personal and professional;

  • Take your personal and/or professional success to the next level - EVOLUTIONARY LEADERSHIP!

The Monarch Method has proven successful time and time again. And, it starts to happen quickly by instantly identifying and shifting blocks. The process is fun and noninvasive. No rummaging through old, unwanted memories or digging up past behaviors, feelings and thoughts.

The science behind The Monarch Method is simple. It helps you Clarify the core beliefs that are now outdated. It outlines how to Create new core beliefs related to YOUR specific goals. It guides you in Transforming those aspects of yourself and your life you want to change or expand.

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