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You are more powerful than you realize and it's my mission to be your catalyst for healing, change, growth, transformation, evolutionary leadership and success!
Contrary to what we've learned, change doesn't have to take months or years. It can happen in days or weeks and on your terms.
Now is your time and you are your most important investment. So, let's get started! Here are just some goals we'll accomplish together:

Identify blocks, reveal outdated subconscious beliefs and create new beliefs to transform the aspects of your life you choose;

Reclaim your psyche's well being thereby

re-establishing overall health;

Reconnect to your real power;

Strengthen your emotional, mental and intuitive abilities;


Pave the way to your personal dreams and professional goals;

Restore balance and harmony.

Personal Evolution

"Life without The Monarch Method™ is like trying to piece together someone else’s puzzle without even having the picture. It allows you to create your OWN picture AND gives you the tools and strategies to create it from the inside out. You can be the artist and author of your own life." Molly, MD

"What I love about it is, it's not therapy of clinical - it's and empowerment process. Kimble's skills and expertise are unmatched!" Ben, CEO

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Evolutionary Leadership

For individuals, executives, c-suites, and leadership teams committed to their personal and professional growth and ready to make the transition to

Evolutionary Leadership by investing in themselves.

Kimble's game-changing approach, The Monarch Method, continues to take leaders worldwide to the next level of personal and professional success.

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The Monarch Method Specialist 
Training & Certification Program

The Monarch Method™ is consistently and swiftly effective because subconscious core beliefs are either supportive or unsupportive, they become either a gateway or a block to all personal and professional experiences, healing, growth and development. When they are blocking the path forward, other services, interventions, and products are less effective and ultimately unsustainable. As a Monarch Method™ Specialist you will have the knowhow to assist a client in removing those blocks. The Monarch Method™ has been proven time and again to work for providers from various fields and industries in taking their approach, and their clients outcomes, to the next level of success.

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Empowering -Transforming

One thing I know for sure is I do what I do exceptionally well. I'm qualified, experienced and most important, passionate about being the catalyst for accomplishing your goals and transforming your future.

For 30+ years, I've been guiding, mentoring, coaching and counseling clients who go on to reach their goals and achieve levels of success and joy they never imagined. I work with a few high profile clients each year, by invitation or referral. Our commitment to the process is shared, creating a foundation for amazing personal work and the platform for rising to the heights you desire.

My unique combination of quantum psychology, neuroscience, and epigenetics along with my game-changing philosophies and method, as well as the personal connection we make together, opens up new realms of thriving for you, your relationships, your career and your life.  


You already are who you've been waiting for - with me as your catalyst you will access your real power, revealing the inner sources and outer strategies to accomplish your goals and achieve success.

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The Monarch Method along with Kimble's guidance creates permanent change and gives you the strategies to transform your future. Transformative and life-altering, this program is essential for every person with problems to solve or goals to achieve.

Get to the core of who you are and why you think, feel and act the way you do

Attain absolute clarity about what you want and the strategies to actually do it

Experience long awaited changes and sustain them

Build success in multiple areas of your life

Achieve your goals and begin to live the life you dream

Transform your future on your terms

Begin to experience change right away!

Due to the discreetly confidential nature of Kimble's work with high profile clients coupled with her clients expectation for privacy, the majority come by private referral where complete discretion is maintained.

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