You want to identify what’s blocking you, make changes, and experience success – and you want to start right away! The Monarch VIP is a Value Intensive Program for a Very Important Person – YOU! In one day designed exclusively for you, you will begin your transformation - mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Get to the core of who you are, identify and remove blocks, create permanent change, and get the strategies to transform your future. Working one-to-on with Kimble, together you will complete the first 2 steps of The Monarch Method™. Jump-start your transformation at a luxury resort and spa and begin your monarch journey!

Jump-start your Transformation!

Transformative and life-altering, this program is essential for every woman with problems to solve or goals to achieve. This program is specifically for women who are ready to:

As a VIP you will:
  • Jump start your journey with one day designed exclusively for you.
  • Complete 2 of 3 Monarch Method steps working

  • Work in-person with Kimble while staying at a luxury hotel and spa. 

Leap into your future by completing 2 of the 3 Monarch method steps in one day

Work directly, in-person with Kimble

Get to the core of who you are and why you think, feel and act the way you do

Attain clarity about what you want to create and get the strategies to actually do it

Experience long awaited changes and sustain them

Build success in multiple areas of your life

Achieve your goals and begin to live the life you dream

Transform your future on your terms

The exclusive VIP package includes:

  • One day with Kimble designed exclusively for you

  • Overnight stay at a luxury hotel spa*

  • Private car to-from Portland airport, bus or train depot

  • Lunch with Kimble

  • One-to-One  package

  • Online Course Package

*(travel expenses not included)​

(Talk with Kimble about bringing VIP to YOU!)

The VIP package takes place in the beautiful coastal city of Portland, Maine.

You will be staying at the luxurious Regency Hotel & Spa in Portland 

Following the VIP day you will receive:


  • The Monarch Method™ self-paced virtual course 

  • Six 1 hour phone or video sessions with Kimble

  • Access to Kimble via Email

  • Membership to a private chat room of those who have also embarked on the Monarch journey

  • Private members only Facebook chat room

  • Discounts at future events

Empowering & Transforming

Kimble's unique combination of psychology, neuroscience and spirituality along with her remarkable method, her personal connection with each individual, and her strategies will open up new realms of possibility for you, your relationships and your life.  

You already are who you've been waiting for - with Kimble's guidance and The Monarch Method™ you will access the perfect combination of science and spirituality that will bring about the inner sources and strategies to accomplish your goals and achieve success.

Space is limited so reserve your spot right away!

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