The Monarch Method for Personal Transformation

12-week Program

WELCOME to the journey of a lifetime!

The Monarch Method heals hearts and changes lives.

This is where your transformation begins!


Below is our weekly schedule and introductory video. Following this introductory week 1, within each subsequent week’s offerings you will receive:

  • An image from The Monarch Method™ Oracle Card Deck

  • Selected Reading

  • Video or Audio link

  • Weekly Question

  • Live Session - Beginning with week 2, there will be a 2-hour live session on Zoom for you to join. (Note: if you're enrolled in the 1:1 program, private sessions may take place of these group sessions) I will narrate the PowerPoint presentation and your questions will be answered live via the Zoom comment box. Following each live session, you will receive a link for that session that will remain active throughout the 12-week program.

12-week Schedule

These are the program books you should have already received  in the mail

Week 1

     Focus: Program structure and overview  

     Read: Primer - You Are Not Broken: The                        Ultimate Resolution

**If you haven't already done so, please take the CORE INSTINCTS QUIZ. It only takes 10 minutes and is helpful with clarifying where you are today and the areas of focus for moving forward. 

Please use your Monarch Method Personal Journal for all program related practices, exercises and assignments as well as for your personal musings and journaling.

The Monarch Method Oracle Cards will be introduced and used in Chapter 10. However, please feel free to explore and use it in the meantime.

All reading from week 2 forward will be from your manual.

Week 2 –

     Focus: Opening comments and introductions

     Read: Front - Chapter 1

Week 3

     Focus: You Are Not Broken!

     Read: Chapters 2 + 3

Week 4 –

     Focus: The pathway to transformation

     Read: Chapter 4

Week 5 –

     Focus: Grace, Imperfection & Real Power

     Read: Chapter 5

Week 6 –

     Focus: The Essence of Love  

     Read: Chapters 6 + 7

Week 7 –

     Focus: I AM

     Read: Chapter 8

Week 8 –

     Focus: Your Life

     Read: Chapter 9

Week 9 

     Focus: Core Beliefs  

     Read: Chapter 10

Week 10 –

     Focus: Out with the old, In with the new   

     Read: Chapter 11

Week 11 –

     Focus: Moving Forward

     Read: Chapters 12 + 13

Week 12 –

     Focus: Wrapping it up

     Closing discussions, staying in touch

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions and welcome to living your dreams. I look forward to working with you personally.

With Grace, Kimble