The Monarch Method for Personal Transformation

8-week Online Course

WEEK 2 – You Are Not Broken!


Focus: : In fact, you are more powerful than you realize! The philosophies that support The Monarch Method™ are based upon the concept that you are wired for well-being and that what the ‘system’ calls disorders are actually tools for re-ordering your life as you evolve. It’s all about revealing your subconscious beliefs and creating new ones that support your journey on the present.


Reading: Chapters 1-3


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This week's question: What behaviors, thoughts or feelings do you experience that you believe are ‘disorders’ and/or a problem for you?

Write your answer to this week’s question in the box below in your Monarch Method Personal Journal. If you would like to share your thoughts with the group, click here to share on our private course forum page or you can share your thoughts during this week’s live session.