The Monarch Method for Personal Transformation

12-week Program


Focus: You are not broken, in fact you are more powerful than you realize! The philosophies that support The Monarch Method™ are based on the concept that you are wired for well-being and that what drives us are our core beliefs - I call this the CATALYST FACTOR. As part of this philosophy, what are labeled as dis-orders by the system are, in most cases, tools for re-ordering our lives.


Reading: Chapters 2 + 3


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This week's question: 

In what ways do you feel broken? What do you struggle with that you have labeled a disorder?

Write your answer to this week’s question in your Monarch Method Personal Journal. If you'd like to share your answer with other Monarchs, click the share button below to get to the private forum page or you can share your thoughts during this week’s private session.