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I help individuals step into their extraordinary
and achieve evolutionary goals.

Using her own and her client's journeys as blueprints for success, Kimble is known as the 'soul whisperer' and 'unblocker' for reconnecting people to their souls' harmony, passion, and purpose, propelling them into the future of their dreams.

Welcome to the transformational journey of a lifetime! My name is Kimble and I'm a Leadership Performance Psychologist, Executive Consultant/Coach, a Translational Researcher, a Bestselling Author, and the creator of the internationally recognized, Monarch Method for Personal Development and Leadership Evolution.


With over 3 decades of guiding organizations, individuals, and high performing leaders from barely surviving to fully thriving and finally living their dreams, I'll guide you in unlocking your next level potential and achieving your goals using the latest in Neuroscience, Transpersonal Psychology, and Behavioral Epigenetics.


You'll be guided through the process of developing a thriving mindset by tapping into your core blueprint along with the extraordinary abilities you already have within you, enabling you to make and sustain the changes you desire in your life.


Here, you can make lasting change and take your life and career to the next level.

Looking Forward, Kimble

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My life has been a journey...

As a teen, I was depressed, desperately shy, and suicidal. Determined not to succumb to these feelings, I entered my 20's angry and driven. This perspective served me well, as I rose quickly as a leader in the justice system.

My success in this violent and emotionally traumatic system was directly linked to my own unresolved anger, which made me really good at kicking ass and making things happen. However, that same anger continued to work against me in every other area of my life and eventually at work. My person life and relationships were an ongoing train wreck. No surprise, as anger and control aren't very compatible with success, growth, love, and grace.

Desperate for some harmony and deep connection in my life, I entered my 30's with a fierce determination to find myself. At 35, the Universe saw fit to bring a spiritual guide into my life - this woman's wisdom and guidance forever changed my life.

With an unquenchable thirst for more learning and discovery about this newly discovered world of intuition, inner knowing, and real power I began my search for more - more learning, more growth, and more self-discovery. I decided to back to school for my PhD in Transpersonal Psychology (the psychology of the human spirit) with a focus on human development potential.

I entered my 40's with a sense of purpose, a knowing of who I was, who I wanted to become, and the legacy I desired to leave in the world. My 'I AM' began spilling forth. Sticking with the familiar, I used my education and experience as a consultant, successfully, and lucratively creating start-ups and turning around failing businesses. Then I decided to start my own brick-n-mortar business, I started 3 businesses and they all failed. Still more personal work to do.

My 50's proved to be the tipping point. I wrote and self-published my first book, then wrote 4 more books, one of which became a #1 bestseller. I launched my current business - Catalyst Enterprises Worldwide, LLC - and my success continues to sky rocket. I relocated to Maine, a place in the world I've always dreamed of living, and am surrounded by a loving community.

Now, in my 50's, harmony is the center point of my life and I apply the lessons, experiences, and all I have and continue to learn to the principles and strategies that create extraordinary success for those I serve. (At 60, Kimble relocated to Greater Philadelphia and continues to be a catalyst for individuals across the globe.)


My career has been a privilege and an honor...

Kimble Greene, PhD, is a bestselling author, life and leadership strategist, master mindset coach, and a trailblazer. As the Founder and Chief Catalyst of Catalyst Enterprises Worldwide, LLC, she serves individuals and leaders across the globe seeking healing, support, and guidance as they move through blocks and evolve from surviving to thriving.

In 2010, Kimble translated the philosophies and strategies she'd been using successfully for years into 5+ books.

Those philosophies, now known as the Catalyst Factor are the foundation for The Monarch Method - the internationally

acclaimed 3-step approach for personal development and evolutionary leadership.

With a PhD in Psychology and research in behavioral epigenetics, neuroscience, and quantum physics, Kimble has 35+ years success as an executive, consultant , entrepreneur, and counselor.

She is also an intuitive with several certifications in energy medicine and alternative healing.


As a trail blazer and thought leader, Kimble continues to educate, support, and serve as a catalyst

for healing, growth, and success.

"You already are who you've been waiting for!"

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