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Kimble is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author with her books now internationally acclaimed.

She has written over 5 personal and leadership development books and is proud to

have illustrated and published her mothers recently released (2021)

inspirational children's stories!

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The Power to Thrive: When Surviving Is No Longer Enough


“Dr. Greene’s book will challenge you to your core.  It poses questions and practices that will provide you with a blueprint for change and growth.  Her story of her rise above her own challenges creates a connection between her, the book, and the reader. This is a book for those interested in growth.  Each message is a gift to be savored and practiced.”

Mo Fathelbab, Global Leader, Author of The Friendship Advantage – 7 Keys to building relationships that transform culture and drive productivity

ONE...Embracing Life & Illuminating Your Spirit!

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"ONE... is a powerful read that shouldn't be overlooked for many spiritual readers. It's is a non-fiction guide to self-discovery and personal growth offering concepts, models for practice, tools and resources with regard to popular topics such as; spirituality, energy, relationships, holistic practices and more. Dr. Greene embraces all religions, cultures and personal lifestyle choices in her unique approach to healing your life and loving who you are.

ONE... is truly life changing!

Midwestern Book Review

The Monarch Method Series

Books available with Thriver, Maximizer, Influencer programs



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Powerful Beyond Measure: The Pathway to Evolutionary Leadership

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"This is essential for every leader. What I like about it is, it's not therapy or clinical - it's an empowerment process and the expertise and skills Kimble brings to it are unmatchable." Benjamin, CEO & Global Leader

"Once you have this awareness and these tools to elicit deep growth, you are on a new trajectory!" - Annette, Business Consultant & Bleck Belt Mentor

"The Monarch Method is a game-changer!" - Dr Punzo MD

"This is the missing link - lives will be changed."Jennifer, Entrepreneur


Transformed: The Pathway To Personal Evolution

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"Chiropractor for the soul" - Marnie, Entrepreneur

"The Monarch Method is a game-changer!" - Dr Punzo MD

"This is the missing link - lives will be changed."Jennifer, Entrepreneur

"The Monarch Method is vital to understanding the discord within." - Marjorie, Author and Empowerment Teacher

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