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For People With Goals

The Monarch MethodTM
Personal Empowerment Program


Module 5 - The Rules
Module 6 - Love
Module 7 - Future
Module 8 - TMM Step 1
Module 9 - TMM Step 2
Module 10 - TMM Step 3(a)
Module 11 - TMM Step3(b)
Module 12 - Foward
Wrap Up


Focus: You have the exact body, mind, heart, and life you are meant to - you come into this world with purpose and gifts unique to you. Your life circumstances, experiences, and journey are designed and orchestrated to assist you in manifesting exactly what is needed for you to live into and through your most extraordinary you. The place to begin is with who you really are at your core - a being of unlimited power and purpose.


Please read this supplemental article

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In your manual, complete Chapter 4

In your journal, please answer this focus question:

Do you feel as if you have a purpose? If so, what is it and why?

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