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For People With Goals

The Monarch MethodTM
Personal Empowerment Program


Module 4 - WellBeing
Module 5 - The Rules
Module 6 - Love
Module 7 - Future
Module 8 - TMM Step 1
Module 9 - TMM Step 2
Module 10 - TMM Step 3(a)
Module 11 - TMM Step3(b)
Module 12 - Foward
Wrap Up


Focus: The philosophies which support The Monarch Method™ are based on the concept you are wired for well-being and what drives your thought, feelings, and behaviors are your core beliefs. In fact, you are the choreographer of your life because your beliefs are the catalyst for all your experiences of your self and life - mind, body, emotions, and spirit. As part of this philosophy, what are labeled as dis-orders by others are, in most cases, tools for re-ordering our lives.


Please read this supplemental article

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In your manual, complete Chapter 3

In your journal, please answer this focus question:

Do you feel broken, if so, how? What have you, or others, labeled a disorder?

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