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"This is the missing link.
Lives will be changed."

Jennifer, Health Coach

"This is a game changer."

Amalia Punzo, MD

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"Before working with Dr. Kimble, life was like living inside a pin-ball machine: everything seemed random and reactive, there was lots of bouncing around in the hopes of eventually finding your way to some unknown destination.

I no longer want or choose to play old fashioned pin-ball. I’d really rather skip all the crashing, bouncing around and noise (e.g. drama) and focus instead on a smooth journey of my own design. Dr. Greene's method gives you the tools to choose your own game and paradigm and set course on a smooth, deliberate (proactive) and more pleasure-filled life.

Life without The Monarch Method™ is like trying to piece together someone else’s puzzle without even having the picture. Monarch Method™ allows you to create your OWN picture AND gives you the tools and strategies to create it from the inside out. You can be the artist and author of your own life."

Chiropractor for the soul! 

Marnie, age 54


Jody Breton


Dr. Kimble; using her incredibly effective Monarch Method, gently guided me to organically mine out my outdated beliefs that no longer served me. I found Dr. Kimble’s approach to be astounding! Through Dr. Kimble’s blended use of her brilliant intuitive sense, heightened compassion and her professional knowledge she directed our conversational dialogue such that my “blind spots” were illuminated. From there I was guided to a personal practice that has truly set me on a path of self discovery and empowerment.

I highly recommend Dr. Kimble to assist you on your journey to wholeness and success in achieving your goals!

I believe that this is the missing link. Lives will be changed.


As a child sick had become safe. Nothing bad could happen in sick-bed solitude. While this belief worked well for me as a child, as a grown adult it became an unnecessary obstacle. Sick was no longer safe and, with Dr. Kimble’s guidance, I reframed, redeveloped, and transformed this core belief and its attached coping mechanisms. I found this process to be so gentle, that multiple beliefs were brought to the surface in a short amount of time – each shifting with little effort. Each person is different, and the ease of transformation likewise.

Jennifer (age 29)

I feel like my life has just begun!

Dr. Kimble was the answer to my prayers when I asked for healing. Little did I know at the time that the counseling my children, ages 14 & 18, received from Kimble, would pave the way for me. I had always told them to let their light shine, but like me, they didn't know how.


Through Kimble's wisdom, insight, guidance and compassion, she taught us all how to do this. Working with Dr. Kimble has been a life altering experience for which I am ever grateful!”

Rita (age 46)

Thanks Dr. Kimble, you have changed my life!


For 15 years, I relied on numerous prescriptions for sleep, and even with these physician recommended medications, I never really slept soundly, waking feeling tired, ‘hung over’ and never fully rested. After years of tension and anxiety resulting from sleep-deprivation and reliance on ineffective, expensive prescription drugs, I was desperate for some relief and sleep! When it was suggested I try some alternative methods, I contacted Dr. Kimble Greene.


The miracle is that within 6 months, I was able to stop ALL of my prescription sleep medications and sleep peacefully on my own! Dr. Kimble gave me the tools and taught me how to manage my thoughts, emotions and even my body to naturally induce sleep. For months now, I have been able to fall and remain asleep on my own, waking feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, with no side effects from sleep prescriptions! My friends even tell me how alert and exuberant I am.

Kate (age 31)

Thank you Dr. Kimble, you changed the way I look at myself!


I realized one day that life was passing me by and, for over 50 years, I had been trying to please family and friends and was not living my life for me.  I had been in counseling and on medication for depression for many years and nothing had really changed.  I felt that I had been living in the ‘dark ages’ and I could not continue along this path. 


I was determined to make changes in my life and was not going to depend on medication to control my thoughts. That was when I was lead to Dr. Kimble Greene to help me sort out my feelings and get my life back on the path.  Dr. Kimble enabled me to bring my true feelings and emotions into focus and guided me with her insight to deal with situations that had previously been stressful and troublesome for me.

Through Dr. Kimble’s coaching and encouraging words of wisdom, I have returned from the ‘dark ages’ into the light. I feel that have grown immensely. I feel no need nor have any desire for medication.

Ed (age 60)

Thank you Dr. Kimble for introducing me to a new beginning!


After being diagnosed with cancer I became overwhelmed with fear, anger and guilt. My faith has always been an important part of my life, but I couldn’t help asking the question ‘why me?’. A friend referred me to Dr. Kimble Greene. After our first meeting I felt a calmness that I hadn’t felt for months.


Dr. Kimble is a teacher, a guide who has shown me how to use the tools I had within me to channel the positive instead of negative and to be more aware of my thoughts and feelings. I am still able to keep faith as an important part of my life and along with Dr. Kimble’s guidance I have moved from a place of fear and anger to hope and peace and an acceptance of who I am.


At the end of this journey I know I will be healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Diane (age 63)


I am deeply grateful for all the  individuals who've chosen to share
a part of their extraordinary journey with me.

With Grace, Kimble

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The individuals I work with are extraordinary - consistently showing up with courage, wisdom, compassion, and power.


So, I dare you... rise to the task of loving yourself through what you see as your shortcomings - because they're stages of growth. I dare you to embrace the opportunities hidden among the struggles – because it’s the struggle that creates that strength and opportunity.


I dare you to love who you are at your core despite what you see as your failures – because they’re not really failures, simply disguised pathways toward success. I dare you to love yourself even when it seems like no one else possibly could – because they do anyway.


I dare you to see beyond the bricks that the world throws at you - because digging deep into your soul reveals the power and perseverance that lives on within you. I dare you to be vulnerable with the ones you love – because they need it, you need it and the relationship needs it (whether you can understand that or not).


I dare you to stand up to the bullies in your life with grace and power – because graceful power is so much more influential than anger and control. I dare you to look past the offensive behavior of your enemies, deep into the soul of the human being that feels abandoned and afraid – because in the end, everyone wants to be loved.
I dare you to remove the lenses of fear and lack and limitation, through which you so often see yourself and the world around you - replacing them with the eyes of kindness, strength and faith. I dare you to trust that you are enough – now and always. I dare you to speak your truth and show up authentically - doing so with grace, integrity and kindheartedness.


On this day and every day moving forward, I dare you to be you, loving who you are - and, at the end of each day gently let go of self-judgement and remember you are important, you are cherished, and you are extraordinary.

Are you ready to accept the dare, to move forward right away, to launch

yourself into life, love and the pursuit of who you really are?

If your answer is 'Yes', please reach out to me confidentially...

Confidential Contact with Dr. Kimble Greene

Your confidential message will be delivered directly to Dr. Greene

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