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Imagine being able to...

Imagine…being able to successfully manage challenges and struggles on your own terms! Imagine…having the strategies to work through issues quickly and effectively! Imagine…achieving your goals, realizing your dreams and becoming the leader you envision. With The Monarch Method™ you will solve problems and achieve your goals.

Be part of The Monarch Method Movement!

My first memorable experience with courage, self-leadership and success was at 18 years old when I naively signed-on for a 21-day expedition in the North Carolina mountains in January (with Outward Bound - a wilderness survival and leadership development organization). I grew leaps and bounds that January, enduring freezing temperatures (and body parts), feet of snow, life-threatening and saving experiences, cave living, 3 days alone in the wilderness, tree canopy ropes course, repelling down the side of a mountain - just to name a few. The day we finished, I knew that experience changed me – what I didn't realize at the time was that I had begun to discover my personal power and self-worth. For me, the development of The Monarch Method™ is the realization of a lifelong goal and it continues to heal hearts, transform lives and develop evolutionary leaders. You can find more of my story here.

I created The Monarch Method™ in 2009 and began using it informally in my private counseling practice in 2010. It’s effectiveness quickly became evident as I watched my client’s solve problems and achieve their goals more quickly than ever before. Check out some of their stories! In January 2013, a friend insisted I was on to something important and that I get it [The Monarch Method] out of my head and onto paper. ‘No problem’, I replied. ‘I wrote and published my first book in 2010, I’ll get this done in no time!’

Famous last words. It’s been 5 years since that call, a real-life testament to faith, perseverance and self-worth! Join me, my dream team and all of those who have so faithfully supported me and The Monarch Method™ as we launch a movement of self-value, enoughness and personal power!

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