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Embracing Your Brilliance

It’s not always easy to embrace your brilliance. Heck, sometimes we don’t feel the least bit brilliant. In Monday’s Mindset, I spoke about the tendency to get caught up in others’ expectations, to feel as if we have to dim our brilliance to fit in and maintain social, financial, or relationship security. In fact, most are raised to operate from the outside-in, using control to maintain a sense of power and autonomy. We endeavor to make sure the world meets our standards as we are trying desperately to meet its standards. Often too, it’s our own expectations, of ourselves and others, that get in the way.

Brilliance is defined as having extraordinary talent or intelligence, and it also signifies vibrant luminosity. Like a snowflake or droplet of water, each is unique, brilliant, and essential in its own way. This applies to you most of all – one-of-a-kind, extraordinary, and dazzling in your own way. We all know when an individual who owns and exudes their brilliance enters the room, we can feel it. These are the ‘leaders’ that have stepped from ordinary into extraordinary, from buoyant to brilliant.

Fortunately, your brilliance is built-in, it’s a core part of who you are. Even when you intentionally or subconsciously dim your light or bury your talents, your brilliance is still there within, eager to reveal itself and guide you forward at a moment’s notice.

So, how do you begin to reconnect to your brilliance or turn up the radiance?

1. Surround yourself with the messages, circumstances, and people that allow you to be extraordinary you, providing the space for your brilliance to shine.

2. Identify what you love to do and/or what you are skilled at doing. Then, begin to spend time doing those things in small or big ways.

3. Remember, there is always someone (and usually many someones) who need what you have to offer, who will benefit greatly from your brilliance.

Turn your ordinary into extra-ordinary, from feeling powerless to owning the power within. Go from being buoyant to brilliant. You need your brilliance as much as the world needs you.

With Grace, Kimble

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