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Having It All

Abundance and prosperity are not just about money and bling, they are also about wealth of spirit, abundance of joy, and prosperous relationships. In fact, without these things, the material gain becomes much less satisfying, often creating the compulsion for ‘more things’. Your inner well remains empty without abundance of spirit so you keep trying to fill it from the outside-in.

You Are Abundance.

So, how do you achieve abundance emotionally, energetically and spiritually? Turn your attention from acquiring things and status to focusing upon your inner well, filling that well from the inside-out with self-honor and value, instead of the outside-in with things and accomplishments. How do you fill that inner well? To begin with, knowing you are struggling in this area is half the battle. The fact that you continue to grow and evolve by reading this blog, as well as all of the other re-sources you have engaged, means you are well on the way to your goal(s). As a matter of fact, you are already well and whole, it is simply a matter of retrieving your wellbeing from beneath the piles of outdated and unsupportive beliefs. Now, you can begin to build a foundation for all of your efforts. The approaches and resources you prefer will become effective and long-lasting. It’s all about shifting your core beliefs.

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