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Awakening your consciousness simply invites you to ‘see’ the world through a new pair of lenses – the color of your choosing! Here’s 4 simple steps to get you started:

  1. LOOK IN…and breathe – that’s right, simply breathe. Even if it’s just for 2 minutes in the shower each morning, breathe deeply and locate your center…that place within you where Spirit and flesh meet; the place where universal knowledge arises; that place where intuition occurs; that center within YOU which is the very core, the foundation of your beingness.

  2. LOOK OUT…be present – all of your power is in the present! So, take time throughout your day to observe how you experience each moment – you are likely to discover aspects of your Self you never knew existed.

  3. LOOK AT…with loving compassion. Always remember that your true nature springs forth from your spiritual essence – an essence of love and compassion. Each individual’s journey is their own and we do not know their circumstances – the best we can offer is our blessing!

  4. LOOK UP…have faith that the Universe, your higher source or whatever power you believe exists, is guiding your every infinitesimal moment. The Universe desires you’re your success, joy and evolution as you journey through this earth school.

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