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Don't Take It Personally

Sometimes that statement really pisses me off! It triggers that, ‘you can’t tell me how to feel’ reaction. Other times, it forces me to reflect on why I get so emotional about something. Either way, it’s usually a case of my ‘I’m not enough’ self rearing its unpleasant head.

When your self value is out of whack, its much easier to be triggered by other people’s inflammatory statements, even when those statements have more to do with the other person own issue than yours. When you feel less than worthy, you become overly sensitive, as if everything reflects your not feeling so great about you. That’s because the world is your mirror, and everything is a reflection of you on the inside.

So, when you begin to believe and embody the fact that you are worthy, that you are enough simply because you exist, then taking things personally is rare. When you reside in your enoughness, its easier to see that all of the anger and unkindness in the world is about other people’s struggles not yours.

There’re 2 important steps to not taking things personally: 1. Believe in the inherent value of Divine You and, 2. Turn away from other people’s negativity and transgressions with grace.

With Grace, Kimble

P.S. Are you eager to take things less personally? It’s all about sifting your inner focus. I’d love to be your catalyst for change. Here's my calendar link to make finding time for us to connect easy.

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