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Paying It Forward

One of my favorite phrases is ’pay it forward’ which I first heard in the wonderful movie, Pay It Forward (2000). Kindness is contagious and it is gratifying to pay back a thoughtful deed sent your way. However, for many reasons it isn’t always possible to ‘pay it backwards’.

That’s why ‘pay it forward’ is so cool. The concept is that the energy of a kindness can be passed along to anyone, even if it’s not the person who originally extended it to you. Either way, the love inside the kindness is felt throughout the world.

There’s an endless supply of love within each of us and throughout the world. Sharing this love in the many thousands of ways we do is what keeps humanity thriving. Yet another aspect of ‘grace’, paying it forward keeps the love and compassion within you shining brightly.

Love & Spirit, Kimble

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