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Please, no more 'New Normal'!

I call my elderly parents a couple times a week these days to see how they’re doing. When I asked my Mom how she was holding up, she exclaimed, “If one more person says, ‘New Normal’, I’m going to scream! I want the old normal to return.”

As hard as it is, that’s not likely to happen. We’re in the midst of a hard reset. Change is challenging for many people in regular circumstances. In a situation like this, change is truly a struggle. Made even more daunting because no one really knows what’s going to happen and how life will look on the other side.

Other than being a global experience, this really isn’t so different from individual change. When you think about it, huge important changes in people’s lives come on the heels of some sort of life altering, usually traumatic event. Things like accidents, disasters, abuse, recovery, loss, illness and so on. Being launched into a new way of life happens to people all the time. It’s just that right now, it’s happening globally, to everyone all at once.

As hard as it is, and it’s really hard for lots of people, the sun will shine again after the storm. And while there’s lots of prophecy about why this is happening, it’s not so much about why it began or where it came from – it’s all about where we’re headed. Change and growth are constant…we’re evolving!

With Grace, Kimble

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