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To be seen or Not to be seen...

Being seen, for who you really are at your core, is one of the most essential aspects of living a harmonious, well balanced and joy filled life. And yet, being seen can be one of the scariest things we encounter. That’s why we wear masks (see last week’s blog, Do You Have A Mask?). Believe it or not, despite speaking to audiences of all sizes, one of my lifelong lessons is overcoming the fear of visibility. It takes courage to be vulnerable.

We have been led to believe that wearing a mask or avoiding being seen beneath the persona we choose to present keeps us safe from hurt and other emotional trauma. This is an illusion. First, it’s nearly impossible to keep from feeling hurt. Whether we are authentic or not, hurt is simply part of the human journey. Second, without hurt and other challenges and struggles, growth stagnates.

The key is not so much in avoiding hurt or vulnerability, it’s in creating an inner foundation that is so self valuing and constant that when hurt or struggle comes your way, you are able to move through it without being run over by it like a freight train. In one of my favorite movies, Avatar, instead of greeting one another with Hi or Hello they say, ‘I See You’ - honoring and scary at the same time!

The world needs you in your truest form – you need you in your truest form. So, nurture grace, embrace your imperfections and step into Real Power!

Love & Spirit, Kimble

P.S. Starving for real power? I can help you nurture grace and tap into the power that already exists within! I'd love to connect. Here's my calendar link to make finding time for us to talk on the phone easy.

P.P.S. Interested in learning more about how you operate at your core? Here's a link to my FREE Core Instincts Assessment

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