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Module 6 - Love
Module 7 - Future
Module 8 - TMM Step 1
Module 9 - TMM Step 2
Module 10 - TMM Step 3(a)
Module 11 - TMM Step3(b)
Module 12 - Foward
Wrap Up
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For People With Goals

The Monarch MethodTM
Personal Empowerment Program


Focus: All personal change begins inside you. It starts with your inner power. Power is an internal capacity, it is your primary force of influence. Whereas, control is an external process of manipulating your environment. You already have the internal power, now is the time to use it to your advantage by shifting from an outside-in to an inside-out approach. We'll also make the connection between grace, imperfection, and real power.


Please read this supplemental article

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In your manual, complete Chapter 5

In your journal, please answer this focus question:

Do you rely more on control or power? Give personal examples of both.

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