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How Solid Is Your Foundation?

For the most part, it is not your goals that are achievable or unreasonable, nor is it the products and services that are ineffective. It is your starting point or wobbly foundation that is causing struggle and frustration, leading to achievable and unsustainable outcomes. Chances are you are doing everything you have been instructed to do and you are motivated and eager to reach your goals, including success and wellbeing. It is likely you are correctly applying all of the concepts and interventions you have been given and yet, they are either not working or they are simply unsustainable for more than a few weeks or months. Your inconsistent success is not your fault – you are simply working from a foundation which is unsupportive. As you know, a wobbly foundation will not support a house.

You have the tools within to strengthen your foundation.

The main reason for personal and professional dissatisfaction, failure to realize goals and dreams, and epidemic ill health, is the disproportionate focus on all things physical and mental, to the exclusion of what truly motivates and animates us. We are not just our flesh and bones or thoughts and cognition. We are a whole person - mind, body, emotions and spirit – functioning as ONE interdependent physical and energetic being. At our deepest roots, we are living and breathing embodied souls with purpose and power.

For this reason, external motivators and outside-in tactics alone do not change behavior or transform health. External controls and programs do not consistently motivate people. Internal or intrinsic empowerment elicits optimum performance, inspiration, personal growth and creativity. These are all achievable, sustainable and interdependent drivers of wellbeing and success.

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