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From Stuck to Success!

I was listening to a segment on NPR radio about the opioid epidemic and its effect on children and families. The numbers were shocking – among other things the number of children entering foster care due to parent’s drug use has tripled in the last 2 years. Additionally, rates of suicide, depression and post-traumatic stress among children and teens is soaring. There is no question that these issues must be addressed. And yet, the failings of the child welfare system and other issues related to the opioid crisis are symptomatic of a deeper problem – people are in pain!

Adults (and youth) are experiencing, in varying degrees, unrelenting emotional pain, mental anguish and a crisis of spirit. Our mental health system is ineffective. Our health care system is not meeting our emotional and mental needs any better than it is resolving our physical health needs. And for many, health care of any sort is unaffordable. We are a nation, and planet, in crisis – emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

However, the opioid epidemic, emotional struggles, mental health concerns and spiritual depletion is unconcerned about class, race, socioeconomic status and religion. Pain is happening across all these statuses, it just shows up in different ways.

You are more capable than you know, more able than you’ve been taught and more powerful than you realize.

The time has come to put basic emotional and mental care back into the hands of the individual. The ability to solve problems, achieve goals and manage basic emotional and mental struggles is already within everyone. It’s simply a matter of having effective strategies and tools. I know, I’ve been using a strategy that works - for my own struggles as well as for all my clients. In 2009, I developed The Monarch Method™ to empower people to solve problems and achieve goals on their own terms. It's amazing!

The Monarch Method™ gets to the core of why you feel badly, how you are stuck and what’s blocking you. The 3-step formula gives you the specific steps to identify the core issues, create strategies and find solutions so that you can be successful. It is designed to be used along with everything else you are already doing. It is not a replacement therapy. It is a self-guided tool used to fortify your inner foundation while you continue to use the services, products and providers that are currently supporting you.

The Monarch Method™ is affordable (with offerings at various levels) and it works quickly, getting you back on track and creating inner harmony so that you can experience success in all areas of your life.

To find out more about The Monarch Method™ and how it works go to: or

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