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Am I Enough?

This weekend I broke my foot - trivial compared to what many folks are going through right now, and a message nonetheless. Symbolically and energetically it’s a sign for me that I’m trying to move forward in my life too fast, forcing outcomes and goals whose time has not yet arrived. Now, required to spend much more time sitting on my backside than I prefer, reflection seemed apropos. With all that contemplation came the realization I’ve been avoiding writing/speaking about a current topic.

I got to thinking about everything going on in the world right now: the increased violence and rioting; the demands for racial equality; the urgent necessity for humanity to take its rightful place all over the globe; the virus pandemic; and, the broad scope of reactions to all of it.

On the surface, the problem is about racism, exclusion, hatred, brutality, discrimination, and ignorance. No human being should ever have to experience these things and they must change. Beneath the surface, it’s about lack of self-worth, low self-esteem, overriding fears and a general sense of never feeling like who you are or what you have is enough. Prejudice, classism, hate and cruelty are learned perspectives resulting in the inhumane thoughts, feelings and actions of human beings across continents and over centuries. People are not born racist or abusive, that comes with devaluing (self and others), judgment and abuse.

As I write this I’m feeling sensitive to my own ignorance regarding the depth of the effects and pervasiveness of racism because I was raised in a white, middle class culture, and sensitive to my continuing to honor and respect every person of color, in fact every person. My goal in writing this is to offer an alternative perspective and understanding about the nature of hatred and judgement and hope my own vulnerability invites curiosity, a shift in perspective and, most importantly, a look deep within.

At the root of conscious racism is the issue of humanity. And, at the root of inhumanity is fear. If, deep within, more people felt worthy and valued, if we treated ourselves and others with dignity and, if those messages of valuing self and others were instilled from birth then perhaps we wouldn’t be faced with reconciling the sweeping inhumanity that has plagued our planet for centuries. While changes in policy, law and practice are a great step, real transformation begins inside the core of each human being.

At our core, we are endowed with the capacity for infinite compassion, love and empathy. The time has come to get to the core of who we are and wear our grace.

With Grace, Kimble

P.S. Are you interested in getting to the core of why you think and act the way you do? Take my free Core Instincts Quiz!

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