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Go Big or Go Home

Ok, I admit it, I’ve preached and practiced the ‘go big or go home’ principle for years. And, there have been times when that approach has landed me some amazing things. I’ve also learned that ‘slow and steady’ has equal merit and is sometimes the more effective path to take.

You have within you the ability to achieve great things and those things don’t always have to be huge and sensational. They can also be small and beautiful. The point is your dreams and goals are important, to you and to the world. What we create in the world is often an expression of our soul’s essence, it helps to convey our passion and purpose. You’re here, on this life journey, for a reason, big or small, and everyone, including you, benefits from your presence.

So show up in a big or small manner, either way, the world is happy you’ve arrived and we welcome you with grace.

With Grace, Kimble

P.S. Feeling purposeless? Well, you’re not, I can help the inner you emerge! Here's my calendar link to make finding time for us to connect easy.

P.P.S. Interested in learning more about how you operate at your core? Here's a link to my FREE Core Instincts Assessment

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