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Is Worry Helpful?

It seems like worry accomplishes something. At the very least, it means you’re putting some thought into something meaningful to you. And, thinking about it is almost like doing something. We often equate worry to care and concern. After all, everyone worries so there’s gotta be something to it…right?

Not so much. Worry taps into the energy of fear…that something is going to go wrong, that something bad could happen. Not only does worry give energy to exactly what you don’t want, it’s personally destructive.

Which of these conditions does worrying create?

So, if not worry then what? Imagine the opposite. Replace your worry thoughts with images and thoughts of your ideal outcome. Send positive energy - like confidence, hope or strength - to the person or situation, rather than negative - like worry, failure or a lack of confidence. Not only will this improve your short and long term health and mindset, it will increase the potential for things going well rather than amiss.

With Grace, Kimble

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